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HoverIT is an e-commerce platform designed to help consumers search and shop according to their values, e.g., sustainably, cruelty free and ethically.


Our unique ‘Verified Tag’ functionality enable us to better support Certification Bodies, Not-for-Profits, Organisations and their Verified Members.

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Social media look and feel

Using HoverIT is just like using your favourite social media platform.


Buyers find products and services by scrolling their home feed, by visiting a seller’s profile and store, or through the HoverIT search engine.


View any image or video, hit the shopping bag and purchase.


No page or site redirection means higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned carts.

Get your products and services in front of more people

HoverIT’s precision tagging system allows sellers to tag their posts, products and stores, making it easier for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for in a quick and simple way.


Products and services are delivered via the seller’s tagged posts, products and store, giving buyers superior search capabilities.


A tag filtering system is also available on a seller’s profile and store for a fun, fast and easy shopping experience.


Buyers can also search via location to support local as well as in the ‘Verified’ section where they can find certified stores and products.

Organisations, Local Markets & Certification Bodies

‘Verified Tags’ enable Organisations and their ‘Verified Members or Certified Sellers’ form a community and sell their products on a single platform, it’s simple:


  • Create an exclusive ‘Verified Tag’ for your Organisation and Certified Partners
  • Grant access to your exclusive ‘Verified Tag’ and your branding will automatically be added to member stores
  • Buyers will see your Members’ stores by clicking on your ‘Verified Tag’ with the ability to purchase their certified products
  • Apply for your ‘Verified Tag’ or to find out more email [email protected]

User Benefits

Buyer – Search IT, HoverIT, Buy IT


  • Find products easily
  • Superior search capabilities
  • Precision post and product filtering 
  • Social media look and feel 
  • Product hovering, instant checkout


Seller – Upload IT, Tag IT, Sell IT


  • Tag and sell more
  • Website style offering
  • Reach more customers
  • Increase your sales
  • Easy to use

Frequently asked questions

There is nothing to download. HoverIT can be added to your phone’s screen by following these simple steps.


For iPhone use Safari, for Android use Chrome.


1 – Tap the share icon on the menu of your browser.

2 – Select “Add to Home Screen”.

3- Label it as “HoverIT”.


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