This section will help you to learn more about HoverIT, our offerings and will hopefully answer all of your questions. 

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HoverIT is an e-commerce platform with a social media look and feel designed to connect sellers to their local and global communities anywhere in the world.


HoverIT is a Progressive Web App (PWA).


We believe PWAs are the future. There is nothing to download and PWAs can be added directly to your phone screen.


They look just like regular apps, but they take up less space and youdon’t need to manually update them. PWAs also use less data than native apps and load times tend to be faster.


Lots of the brands and platforms you know and love already use PWAs, like Spotify, Twitter Lite and Pinterest.

HoverIT is a secure platform and has partnered with Stripe who will handle all payments on the HoverIT platform. Stripe is trusted by millions of businesses globally. More on Stripe below.

Yes, accounts can be set up in minutes. It’s also easy to close your account, should you wish.

Sellers can add products in their posts as well as directly to their shop. 

Yes, editing posts and product is easy.

HoverIT’s precision tagging system was purposely designed to help buyers find exactly what they’re looking for in a quick and simple way. HoverIT helps businesses to expand their reach and showcase products and services to new audiences.

Buyers find products by scrolling their home feed or by visiting a seller’s profile and store. View any picture or video, hit the shopping bag and purchase.

Both buyers and sellers can see orders within their HoverIT profile. Each party receives an email summary. Buyers and sellers can communicate through the app’s messaging function.

Yes. Sellers are alerted when orders are made, both in-app and via email.



No, an account can be set up in minutes. HoverIT takes care of all development so buyers can enjoy the benefits of HoverIT without the headaches.

The HoverIT platform is based on the English language. However, posts and products descriptions can be added in any language that a seller’s device allows.