Verified Tags – Connecting conscious consumers and value based brands

HoverIT is an e-commerce platform purposely designed to help ‘Membership Organisations’ ‘Not-forProfits’ and ‘Certification Bodies’ promote their cause and increase member sales.

People want to shop their values – ethically, sustainably, cruelty free and more – but the online shopping environment is hard for conscious consumers to navigate.

We all want to support brands that do the right thing. We want to support local and shop our values, that’s why we created our unique ‘Verified Tag’ functionality.


With ‘Verified Tags’, consumers can be confident they are supporting genuinely accredited Organisations, Certification Bodies, and their members.


We care about the world, the environment, people, animals and doing the right thing. We believe in building a sustainable future, by helping people make sustainable choices.


Benefits for your Organisation or Certification Body

  • Claim your exclusive ‘Verified Tag’ for free
  • Increase awareness of your cause, vision, and values
  • Create an online community for your members or certified brands
  • Helps to increase member sales, reach and visibility
  • Attract new members and certified sellers

Benefits for your members and certified brands

  • Increased visibility, reach and sales
  • Free profile and store
  • Showcase accreditation
  • Simple to use
  • Get set up in minutes

Benefits for customers

  • Easier to shop their values and support your cause
  • Search and shop from multiple certified brands in one place
  • Have confidence they are purchasing certified products and services
  • A seamless shopping experience with fewer clicks and page redirections

Example customer journey

How it works

  1. Sign up as an Organisation and claim your exclusive ‘Verified Tag’
  2. Your members simply apply to use your ‘Verified Tag’; you may also invite them
  3. HoverIT will only allow your members access to use your ‘Verified Tag’
  4. When a customer searches for your ‘Verified Tag’, HoverIT will deliver a full list of your members and certified brands under your ‘Verified tag’
  5. Your branding will automatically be added to your member’s HoverIT profile, showcasing they are a certified seller and helping to increase your brand reach
  6. HoverIT’s unique tagging system will enable your organisation and members to build an online community under one roof, celebrating shared values and supporting each other
  7. Customers and followers will be thrilled to find all your members on a single platform, with the ability to purchase products and services in one place

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